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Rabbit-View by Rabbit-Eyes

Life just became a bit easier

No more fatigue eyes, no more headaches after long working days, no more hassle with your glasses…Always a sharp and comfortable view of your display without glasses. With Rabbit-View this will become reality! Soon we will release our first solution for smartphones.

Forgot your glasses?

The idea was born out of Italian frustration...

Imagine you're dining in your favourite restaurant in town (pre-covid). In our case the best Italian of our small flat country. You just wanna dig into your ``Baccalà fritto`` and your phone beeps...incoming message. You grap your phone out of your pocket and try to read the first lines to see if it's important...you just turned 40 and feel like a young god but hopeless without reading glasses which you forgot. Bummer...you hand over your phone to your wife, she brought her glasses and is already looking for them. It takes a while and she reads the message of your colleague congratulating you with your birthday...Great, cold ``Baccalà``!


Our solutions can be used for

The dependency on smart devices such as smart phones and tablets in daily life is high, people who experience certain eye aberrations like farsightedness are always dependent on their corrective eyewear for a sharp vision. When misplaced or forgotten this poses a huge problem, Rabbit-View is the solution for this common problem.

As virtual reality is moving more and more from the recreation domain to a professional domain such as the medical field it shows some challenges. Wearing eyeglasses when using a VR headset can be very unpleasant and because of the two pairs of lenses makes it difficult to focus. The Rabbit-View technology will solve this issue completely.

Modern technologies such as built in navigation systems and car-displays can be difficult to read for farsighted individuals, leading to potentially dangerous situations (e.g. someone leaning away and squinting trying to get a better view while driving) all taking their focus of the road. With Rabbit-View farsighted individuals need less accommodation time making the road safer.

Any modern digital display could be a potential Rabbit View solution.


Highly personalized screen adjustment. Rabbit-view can be configured akin to when visiting an optometrist. Via an intuitive interface users get to set their corrective settings and is changeable within the software for multiple eye aberrations.


The manipulation of the light emission is real-time based on personal sight deficiency. An intuitive management and setup system for the application defines the most optimal level of correction. By using advanced optics and algorithms Rabbit View can correct certain refractive errors on the spot.


With different possible solutions for applying and using Rabbit-View, our hardware can also be completely integrated within a LCD stack as OEM part. This way it will be completely merged and invisible for the enduser.


With the prevalent use of digital devices throughout the day, many find the current solution for refractive errors, wearing corrective glasses inconvenient and insufficient. Rabbit-View is the solution to this problem and suited for all kinds of digital displays.


10% of the world population

The world is digitalizing at an awe inspiring rate, and life without screens has become unimaginable. Mobile devices have brought about innumerable revolutions in daily life and has enabled a new generation of workers to be productive in the workplace. Simultaneously the interdependency on smart devices such as mobile phones and built in navigation poses a problem, as starting from their 40s people start experiencing eye conditions commonly associated with old age such as hyperopia, presbyopia and cataracts, making them unable to see digital content on screens.

Mind blowing results

Video: Left without Rabbit-View and on the right with Rabbit-View activated.

This example shows the power of the algorithms working the out-of-focus view while scrolling through a page of the National Geographic website on a phone. On the left Rabbit-View is disabled and shows a simulated farsighted view of a user. The right image shows a farsighted view of a user with Rabbit-View activated. This is recorded in realtime without any other visual adjustments to the videos.

Additional photos of Rabbit-View running in a browser capture 1 and capture 2.

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Your eyes are adjusting back and forth from road to dashboard


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